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Maryam Azari

managing DIRECTOR


Maryam Azari is the creative visionary and leader of business development at Burrard Strategy.

She has strong business acumen and a keen eye for design. At Burrard, Maryam is applying her experience with consumer products branding, e-commerce and social media to help Burrard clients improve their image and gain public trust. She also provides strategic counsel for all Burrard’s digital content creation, with a focus on branding and visual products. She is also an avid photographer.

Prior to working with Burrard, Maryam launched and managed several independent retail operations throughout North America. In the past, she has worked for Member of Parliament, Joyce Murray (Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury Board), and has had prior experience working in BC’s television newsrooms early on in her career.

Maryam studied International Relations with a minor in Political Science. Currently, she lives in Vancouver with her husband Mark and their three kids. When she is not at work you can find her at the gym, behind her camera or working on her latest worthy cause.

Maryam speaks fluent English, Farsi, conversational French, Spanish and Greek.

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