Hanniya Zohdi - Burrard Strategy: A Full-Service Agency

Hanniya Zohdi



Hanniya is the full-stack web and design developer at Burrard Strategy, focusing on all things design.

At Burrard, Hanniya is applying her experience with branding identity, web development, and graphic design to help clients bring their visions to life.

She excels in the user experience and digital media field using a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure functionality and accessibility from wireframing to completion. Throughout her life, she has founded projects that create clear, meaningful, and memorable expressions of art. Hanniya has worked with building e-commerce stores, clothing brands, product graphic visuals, and full-stack web applications.

She is in the progress of completing her Bachelor’s of Science at Western University, majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Digital Media. Hanniya speaks fluent English and Farsi.

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