Strategic Communications


Your story matters.

Purposefully defining your public narrative requires a comprehensive game-plan.

How you communicate with the public, stakeholders and decision-makers will make a big difference in how they treat you.

Your communications efforts become strategic the moment you start purposefully defining your public narrative in a manner that is consistent with your brand, values and goals.

Launching something new? Challenging the status quo? Responding to an unexpected crisis?

You need a comprehensive game plan.


Branding isn’t just for consumer goods.  It’s for causes too.

Branding is the reason why people buy Coke instead of a generic cola, and why people vote for party-backed candidates, not independents.

The foundation of your brand is your mission. Your logo, slogan, website, social media, advertising and promotional materials should work together with your mission to consistently communicate and publicly define your brand.

Narrative Development

The only way for others to truly understand and support your mission is through engaging, authentic story-telling, designed to motivate the right audiences.

Facts and evidence alone cannot win an argument or rally people to your cause. Your cause requires an emotional connection to build the trust required for people to be willing to listen to what you have to say in the first place.  

Burrard works with you to develop your narrative, framed for the audiences you need to mobilize.

Earned Media

Burrard’s team earns positive media coverage for compelling stories, through fostering good relationships and building trust with media outlets, including TV, radio, newspapers and other publications.

The traditional media, including TV, radio and newspapers, cannot be underestimated.

Even as newsrooms shrink, with readers consuming information from other sources, ‘legacy media’ still possess a larger, more trusted following than most social media channels or websites.

Earning positive authentic media coverage is usually far more effective than placing paid advertising when you are seeking to secure support from “thought leaders” or key stakeholders.

Crisis Communications

When a reputational crisis erupts, silence is not an option. Neither is waiting.

Your hard-won authority is on the line, and you must purposefully act.

Speed and clarity are key. Reclaiming control over the public conversation – i.e. taking charge of your story – is now your number one priority.

Burrard helps you to successfully frame this public conversation and win over skeptics by demonstrating real-time accountability and transparency.

Our crisis communications services will protect your interests in the short term, and strengthen your reputational resilience for the long-term.

Digital Advocacy


Burrard focuses on a narrative-driven creative approach that inspires people to take action.

We also work with you to ensure that your advertising resources are strategically targeted to the audiences you need to reach.

Creative Production

Burrard starts by ensuring that your message resonates with the people you need to reach. We then unleash our in-house creative team to tell your story in a way that compels them to act.

Our team of world-class creators produce inspiring, authentic creative content for every platform, including TV, radio, print, “out-of-home” and digital.


Burrard has built relationships with media, advertisers and vendors to secure the unique opportunities many of our clients require. We have experience with national advertising campaigns, as well as with local and multicultural efforts.

We place ads on every platform, including TV, radio, print, “out-of-home” and digital.

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