Public Affairs


Values matter.

Forging values alignment with decision-makers is key to building trust.

A successful public affairs strategy must focus on forging and demonstrating values alignment between you, regulatory authorities, stakeholders and elected officials.

Burrard delivers successful government relations strategies built on well-articulated values, validated by community and stakeholder acceptance.  

We have experience at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

Government Relations Strategy

Our strategic insight, coupled with decades of experience, provides you with the foundation to forge values alignment with the government.

We identify the key decision-makers and influencers within the government on whom your company or project depends.

Drawing on our extensive experience working throughout Canada, we help you forge values alignment with governments of any political stripe.

Community Partnerships

Burrard works with you to determine the best strategy for co-creating projects with community partners, where everyone benefits.

We recognize the significance of “social license” and can help you to determine the best community acceptance strategy that aligns with the objectives of your project.

Through exhaustive public opinion research and a comprehensive review of your public affairs environment, we track public sentiment and the issues that are important to your stakeholders, and ultimately the decision-makers.

We also devise strategies for how to build positive relationships, and to manage a determined small, vocal minority who may oppose you.

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