Political Campaign Strategy


Campaigns Matter.

Securing victory requires a strategic approach.

Political campaign strategy is focused on one goal:  gaining enough votes to win the election.

In an age of relentless scrutiny, intensifying polarization and widespread disinformation, the political campaign landscape has become increasingly challenging.  

Expert advice and support is now more valuable than ever.

Our team has collectively won over 100 campaigns at the national, provincial and municipal levels over the last 40 years.

Burrard helps office seekers win, at the national, provincial and local levels.

Campaign Strategy Consulting

If you are about to seek public office, start by asking yourself, “why am I running?” and then ask yourself “how can I win?”

Burrard helps you to meaningfully answer these two important questions to inform your campaign strategy.

We then work with you to craft your campaign’s overarching plan to support this strategy, which outlines how to define, and prioritize all of your efforts to secure victory.

Political Coaching and Candidate Development

Everyone who wants to “find their political voice” benefits from specialized coaching and training.

Over the past four decades, our principal, Mark Marissen, has recruited and helped hundreds of successful candidates for public office at every level of Canadian politics.

Mark introduced the first national formal candidate pre-approval process (“The Green Light Committee) to the Liberal Party of Canada in 2008, when he co-chaired the party’s national campaign, just as social media platforms had roared onto the Canadian political scene.

Whether it’s navigating a divisive nomination process, securing crucial allies for a key issue you care about, or learning how to debate on live national television, Mark’s strictly confidential political coaching sessions provide public office holders and seekers with seasoned counsel to win in the political arena.

Political Advertising

15% of the market can make a new business venture a wild success. 49% of the vote can abruptly end a new politician’s career.

Burrard Strategy — with its proven record of producing effective, award-winning political advertising campaigns — understands the implications of this important distinction.

Most advertising firms, few of which are well-positioned for political advertising, can require additional oversight, which distracts valuable time and energy required for other important campaign efforts.

Burrard’s team has decades of experience with political advertising (as both a client and as a provider) at the national, provincial and local levels.

We create and place ads on TV, radio, print, out-of-home, and for digital.

The Digital Campaign

The purpose of your digital campaign is to speak directly to your voters without filter; to build and grow your online community of support; and to mobilize your supporters to organically share your content and get others to the polls.

Burrard utilizes our digital advocacy strategies for producing political campaign communications products.

Our team will work with you to create your social media strategy (including audience targeting and content calendars) and to produce videos, websites, photography, infographics, cinema-graphs, advertising copy and social media posts that support your campaign.

Burrard also helps you with digital advertising placement and keeps up to date on the latest regulations regarding political content for social media platforms.

Community Outreach

There are cultural barriers for many new immigrants when they become first-time voters.

Concepts easily understood in English do not necessarily translate well into other languages. We keep this in mind when formulating political strategy, especially in tightly-fought urban and suburban campaigns.

Community leaders and other cultural networks are also very important to your campaign.

Burrard helps you to build and execute on your outreach strategy, both through targeted advertising and on-the-ground engagement.

We have decades of experience working with multicultural media outlets.

We also have a network of Chinese, Punjabi, Tagalog, Farsi, and French translators.

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