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Digital Advocacy


Content Matters.

Creating and strategically sharing your own content allows you to take charge of your story, and mobilize to win.

Digital communications has revolutionized the advocacy landscape.

If you are looking for ways to demonstrate why a government policy is failing, or to convince political leaders to overturn existing legislation, you need to start with a foundation of public trust.  

Your ability to earn trust and mobilize support for your cause will be determined, in large measure, by how much you can shape its digital footprint. 

This is where Burrard Strategy comes in.

We help you define your narrative, on your terms, by creating compelling digital content that mobilizes support for your cause and resonates with the decision-makers you need to convince.

Burrard also helps you to strategically grow your community of supporters who want to share your message on social media and digitally drive pressure for change.

Digital Advocacy

Content Creation

Creating a regular stream of high-quality original digital content, strategically distributed to the people who need to see it, helps you to take charge of your story and mobilize the support you need to win.

Our team of videographers, designers, writers and editors work closely with strategic communications experts with a background in public affairs to ensure that your narrative is showcased in a way that authentically supports your advocacy objectives.

Video and Motion Graphics

Branded videos, designed for social media mobilization, provide the most popular way to gain attention online, especially when explaining a complex story or advocating for a cause.

We produce cinema-quality videos and productions featuring motion-graphics designed to define your narrative, rally support for your campaign, and appeal to the decision-makers you need to convince.

Website and Landing Page Development

Your website plays a crucial role in how you are publicly perceived.

Website styles and approaches are changing rapidly. Your site needs to stay current and “alive” to remain relevant and appealing.

When integrated seamlessly with your social media channels and your e-newsletters, your website is a powerful tool for defining your message.

Your website not only helps you to populate the internet with searchable digital content, it also acts as a hub for your network of clients and supporters online.

Our in-house developers understand your website’s critical role in shaping public perception and mobilizing the public support you need.

Photography and Still Images

High quality and carefully chosen images are powerful ways to illustrate your cause.

It’s important to populate the internet with your photos and other visual content that you want people to see and share. This is especially critical in times of crisis or sudden media scrutiny, when resource-strapped news outlets often scour the internet for readily-shareable content to illustrate their stories.

Our in-house team works with you to create media-ready visuals, including photographs, infographics and other digital images you need for your digital advocacy strategy.


The keyboard is mightier than the sword.

Our expert copywriters craft original content for digital advocacy campaigns with incredible accuracy and consistency.

With experience in politics, journalism, advertising and digital marketing, our team creates compelling written content, including: website copy, newspaper op-eds, press releases and backgrounders, investor pitches, speeches, annual reports, white papers, election platforms, blog posts, and social media posts.

Digital Advocacy

Content Amplification

Even the best digital content is irrelevant if people don’t see it.  

We help you make the right investments in digital amplification, ensuring your target audiences see your content and join with others to take action when you need it most.

We help you to strategically identify and utilize the best platforms, making the best use of your resources to disseminate your message and to build your online community of grassroot digital supporters.

Investing early allows you to build your community of support more quickly.

Online Advertising Placement

By carefully targeting your online advertising, we ensure that you reach and motivate your intended audiences in the most effective way.

Focused on building your online community, we work with you to optimize your digital advertising budget, by determining strategic priorities for demographic and geographic reach, as well as defining the nature of the engagement you are seeking.

We also regularly monitor your progress and refine targets based on key performance indicators.

Optimizing for Organic Reach

As your online community grows, more of your content will be shared by an expanding network of peers. This content is critical for building trust and rallying support for your cause.

Burrard’s team produces narrative-driven content that inspires measurable action.

While we produce content with organic reach in mind, the earlier and more heavily you invest in paid social media amplification, the more you can depend on organic engagement and sharing as time goes on.

Media-Ready Digital Footprint

Our digital revolution doesn’t mean that traditional media, with their large, cultivated audiences, should be ignored.

Burrard’s compelling content, housed on your own online platforms, is meant to be easily shared by media outlets, including television, print, and radio.

We also maintain close relationships with editors, columnists and newsrooms across the country.

We’re strategically positioned to ensure that you can get your message out successfully through all the media platforms you require.

Digital Influencers

Instagram has created new “thought leaders” who have cultivated their own unique digital reach.

Without an extensive knowledge of social media and careful research, it’s hard to know which influencers can be helpful for your cause.

You can be confident that you’ve partnered with the right influencers who are aligned with your core values and who you can be proud to work with.


Timing is everything with SMS (text) based-campaigns. Almost all (90%) of SMS are read in the first 3-minutes of dissemination. SMS are opened more frequently and receive more clicks than email.


We help you to produce the best emails as part of your digital advocacy ecosystem.  They still reach many who devote less time to social media.

Online Petitions

We create targeted petitions that gain attention with decision-makers and amplify your cause.

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