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Digital Advocacy


Content matters.
Creating and sharing your own content allows you to take charge of your story.

Advances in digital technology mean anyone can access platforms for making their voice heard instantly around the world.

We allow you to cut through the competing noise by creating high-quality original digital content, carefully targeting your communities, and reaching the right audience at the right time.

We work with you to build an online community of supporters who can be called upon when advocating for government policy.

Content Creation

Successfully engaging with your target audience requires injecting high-quality original content into the digital space on a regular basis. Constant communication and validation are the new norm.

Our team creates compelling visual and written content including videos, websites, photography, infographics, cinema-graphs, press releases, backgrounders, speeches, and social media posts.


Branded video is the most consumed form of original online content.

It gives you a huge advantage across all digital platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Our world-class videographers and editors produce cinema-quality videos and turn them around quickly – meeting the demands of a discerning audience that expects instant gratification.

Website Development

Your website plays a crucial role in how you are perceived publicly. It acts as a hub for your network of customers and supporters, and populates searchable content produced on your terms.

An effective website must reflect your values and align with the narrative you are projecting across all social media platforms if your audience is to view you as credible.

Our in-house developers ensure that your website is effective in shaping public perception and in identifying and mobilizing the public support you need online.


A picture is worth a thousand words. High quality and carefully chosen images are one of the most effective ways to illustrate your key messages and to share your mission.

But when visuals fail to meet your audiences’ expectations, the result can be a significantly damaged reputation.

Our photographers work with you to ensure perception meets reality when it comes to showcasing your cause and story.


Effectively conveying a written message requires tact and a tailored approach for each audience.

Our expert copywriters evaluate and deliver messages and craft original content with incredible accuracy and consistency. With experience in advertising, journalism and politics, our team is proficient in producing a variety of written content to fit your needs, including press releases, speeches, annual reports, white papers, election platforms, newspaper columns, op-eds, blogs and social media posts, and position papers.

Content Amplification

Even the best content is irrelevant if people don’t see it.

We focus our efforts on identifying and utilizing the right platforms. We help you to double down on your strengths! Let us evaluate your message and expand your audience by positioning your brand’s story at the top of mind for your customers and key stakeholders.

We locate your real and potential audiences by serving them the content they want, when and how they want it.

Online Advertising

Successful social media campaigns use advertising dollars strategically.

By carefully targeting online advertising, we are able to ensure your story is reaching the intended audience in the most effective way.

Social platforms are growing in their capacity to facilitate conversations and transactions on a massive scale. Harnessing cutting edge techniques like native advertising – paid content that works within the visual design of the experience, and behaves, lives and looks just like organic content – will help you to compete against global brands that spend millions on advertising.

Our capacity to create superior native content will make the difference in your next digital campaign.

Organic Social Media

Burrard will build your online community so that as time goes on, more and more of your content can be shared by a network of peers.

We can help you create and implement your social media strategies across all platforms.

Digital Influencers

The internet has created new thought leaders who have cultivated a large digital reach.

Without an extensive knowledge of social media and careful research, it’s hard to discern whether or not an online personality is actually able to influence the decision-makers that they claim.

We ensure that you can be confident you are partnering with right influencers who are aligned with your core values and will be useful partners for your project or cause.


Media Relations

The digital communications revolution doesn’t mean that traditional media should be ignored.

Burrard maintains close relationships with editors, columnists and newsrooms across the country and is strategically positioned to ensure you are able to successfully amplify your message across all media platforms.

Our services include producing seamless press conferences and media events, writing and disseminating strategically targeted press releases and columns, and providing hands-on media training including the development of key messaging and presentation skills.

Burrard also has a keen understanding of how your social media strategy fits within the entire modern communications ecosystem. Regularly creating original content is key to this inter-relationship.

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