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Case Study


“Global Centre for Regenerative Agriculture”



In Fall 2020, our client Terramera was eager to announce to the world its new Centre for Regenerative Agriculture. With future plans to build a centre fused with technology and the capacity to improve agriculture, farming, and address food insecurity and reduce carbon emissions, the announcement was scheduled to be released to a small batch of reporters in a Zoom call, which did not allow for very sophisticated content creation from the news media.

In a fast-moving news cycle and with limited access to government officials, especially during global pandemic, industry and business need to have a plan B, to create their own content and make this content fit the demands of the news cycle.


Burrard was asked to build a narrative campaign complemented by a central message video that would introduce Canadians to Terramera’s Centre for Regenerative Agriculture. Helping reduce our ecological footprint, support the fight for food security, and bring economic activity and jobs to Canada and British Columbia.

We had little time and access to our client, so much of the work was done in pre-production. With detailed storyboards, and a succinct and creative script, we worked to synthesize details and simplify key messages to convey impact and significance for Terramera’s stakeholders and its global audience.

COVID-19 made it impossible to shoot original content with individuals and from different locations and settings. Instead we were able to record a voice-over from the company’s CEO, Karn Manhas in under 20 minutes. This required a lot of planning and multiple iterations of script that could be delivered in less time than your average lunch-break.

This on-camera delivery (socially distanced of course) laid the groundwork for the visuals and carefully crafted motion graphics. Using stock footage and some previous original content we shot for our client prior to the pandemic, only visuals that lent itself to the aesthetic and key messages were used. The result was a campaign launch video focused on job growth, economic activity, and Canada’s fight against climate change and food security.

With COVID-19 raging on, a traditional press conference and media availability, proved to be a challenge. Complicated by an election-obsessed BC media, carving out time and space for a media announcement was unlikely to occur. Instead of inviting the media out to an announcement, we worked around the challenges of COVID-19.

The video was circulated as an accompaniment to the press release, and received a lot of coverage in industry-specific platforms, including The Weather Network. The video also was embedded in social media platforms and performed very well for an organic placement in LinkedIn amongst the science and Agri-tech crowds.


Narrative Development: Compelling story for Canadians and farmers
Content Creation: Video of Terramera’s Global Centre for Regenerative Agriculture Announcement
Earned Media: Weather Network
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