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Case Study


Team Sukh Dhaliwal

“Family Is Your First Team”


Sukh Dhaliwal, Member of Parliament for Surrey-Newton, wanted to launch his campaign in his community with a great first impression. We helped him to create a campaign slogan and a lasting video that would help reflect his personal political style, the Surrey-Newton community, and the federal Liberal priorities for the 2019 Federal Election.


Burrard Strategy arranged Mr. Dhaliwal’s video to reflect his commitment as a family man first and foremost. The launch of his first official video of 2019 honoured Family Day, a British Columbia Statutory Holiday where people celebrate time with family. Appropriately titled “Family is Your First Team” it illustrates to the audience, values and messages associated with the Federal Liberals, at the time, Canada’s majority government. 

The video is a vivid encapsulation of a politician whose life reflects that of his community and his constituents. The riding of Surrey-Newton is home to multi-generational Indo-Canadians. It also demonstrates a fusion of Punjabi and mainstream Canadian culture. Mr. Dhaliwal’s engagement with his mother, making tea, taking his son to hockey practice, and supporting industrial development and young Canadians, speaks to the daily life of people in his community. 

Being a strong advocate for family values and community engagement, this video espouses the virtues of a politician that credits much of his success and commitment to his role as an accessible grassroots politician.


Branding: Being the first candidate to launch in BC and create a unique brand amongst existing Liberal candidates and stay aligned with the Liberal party brand was significant
Narrative Development: Demonstrate family values and celebrate community in lead up to Family Day
Content Creation“Family is Your First Team” Campaign Launch Video, footage repurposed for other videos
Awards: 2019 Winner for “Best Federal Campaign Video” at US-based Campaigns & Elections, Campaign Tech East Awards (Washington DC, 2019); Award Finalist for US-based Campaigns & Elections, 2020 REED Awards (Atlanta, GA)
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