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Case Study


“Our Community, Your Voice”

Sukh Dhaliwal, Surrey-Newton (Re-Elected)


Sukh Dhaliwal, Liberal Member of Parliament for Surrey-Newton, was elected MP in 2006, 2008 and again in 2015. He was seeking his fourth term in October 2019. A strong grassroots organizer, Mr. Dhaliwal needed to complement his ground-game with a robust digital effort. Our digital campaign focused on both his family and his deep personal connection to his community, while addressing specific issues that matter to his voters in this diverse riding, which is in one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.


Known in political circles for being one of Canada’s greatest grassroots organizers, Mr. Dhaliwal’s personal narrative had not been shared widely outside of the Punjabi community and political circles. 

Burrard Strategy was tasked with creating a distinctive brand for MP Dhaliwal that could stand beside and complement — not compete — with national Liberal branding.  We created a variety of logos, branding and marketing collateral for both the pre writ and writ periods. 

Our team helped the campaign to target younger and older voter demographics on Instagram and Youtube, garnering strong organic reach, shared by many leading figures in the party, enhancing his personal brand across the country. 

Our team stayed ahead of the changes to Google and Facebook’s new Canadian policies regarding election advertising, ensuring our original content was delivered to our audiences immediately and in accordance with the new rules. 

MP Dhaliwal was the first Liberal campaign to register for political advertising on Facebook, and to our knowledge, one of the only 2019 Canadian federal campaigns to run ads on Google and YouTube before those platforms banned all paid political content.


Branding: Website and Design for 2 sites (pre-writ and writ)
Narrative Development: Demonstrate a commitment to family values and community
Content Creation: There Are So Many Reasons to Vote Liberal Tomorrow (MFX); Former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien visits Surrey Newton; Don’t Stop our Progress and much more
Content Amplification: 37 Custom Digital Audiences; 1, 263, 141 Digital Impressions; and 48 Digital Products
Political Strategy: Worked with the political team to establish continuity of messaging with candidate and digital content
Awards: Winner of 2019 “Best Federal Campaign Video” Award at US-based Campaigns & Elections’ Campaign Tech East Awards (Washington DC); Finalist for US-based Campaigns & Elections, 2020 REED Awards (Atlanta, GA)
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