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Case Study


Liberal Party of Canada National Day of Action
“Justin Trudeau visits Surrey-Newton”


The Liberal Party of Canada’s National Day of Action took place on July 12, 2019, 100 days prior to Canada’s federal election. On this day, Liberals knocked on doors, placed phone calls and held events across Canada.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited key ridings throughout the country that day, including the riding of Surrey-Newton, British Columbia.

Burrard Strategy was tasked with shooting footage to showcase the Prime Minister, Surrey-Newton Liberal candidate Sukh Dhaliwal, along with Liberal candidates from neighbouring ridings, as they interacted with community members, at a major community rally, and when knocking on doors in a typical neighbourhood.  

Our footage would need to be used for multiple purposes, including for a “hype” video to be released the following morning, and for other digital content the campaign would roll out over the coming weeks.

The objective was to mobilize volunteers and build momentum for the campaign.


In a short-time period, we mobilized our 7-member team to scout out locations, identifying where the Prime Minister would be.  We then successfully employed an overwatch strategy (previously approved by the Prime Minister’s Office) which enabled us to stay ahead of the Prime Minister, capturing his every movement and engagement.  

We also supplied scripted lines for the Prime Minister and Mr. Dhaliwal.  The entire team participated that evening with the editing process, to produce a video that was completed and released the following morning at 7:00 am.


Narrative Development: Illustrate a more local and more accessible side of Justin Trudeau in-lead up to election
Content Creation: PM Trudeau National Day of Action  (12-hour turnaround of product) and Working Hard for You (0:14), Working Hard for You (2:29), Thank You for Choosing Forward (0:48); footage used for additional products
Content Amplification: 13 Custom Digital Audiences; 401,297 Digital Impressions; and 9 Digital Products
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