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Case Study


Joyce Murray – “Commitment Creates Change


Joyce Murray is a long-serving Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra, former candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada and was the President of the Treasury Board prior to the 2019 federal election.  Our goals were to reinforce her brand as a champion of the environment and progressive causes, and to improve her digital footprint both within the riding and across the country. Our mission was to create content for MP Murray’s Campaign that was positive, progressive and complemented the existing brand of the Liberal Party of Canada.


Joyce Murray’s commitment to combating climate change is rooted deeply in her personal experience.  Joyce Murray the citizen, is a hard-working public servant with a strong commitment to making change that benefits everyone.

MP Murray’s digital campaign was launched in the summer of 2019, with an introductory video, “Commitment Creates Change” which highlighted values that were instilled in her from a young age. The video featured a mix of local people ranging in different ages, consisting of various professional and ethnic backgrounds.  Ms. Murray is seen working and engaging with her community, sharing her passion for tree planting, speaking with constituents, and collecting ocean plastics with young children and fellow Liberals.  Joyce and her husband Dirk are credited for having planted 1.25 billion trees around the world, including in Columbia and Peru. We conveyed her authentic brand in a way that would cut across demographics, with first-time voters, students, high-income earners, as well as Canadians of Chinese descent.  

This video, along with a roll-out of digital products about climate change, the party’s ban on single-use plastics, and other issues, also reached out to LIberal activists across the country, enhancing her national online footprint, but most of the focus was local, allowing her campaign to mobilize local volunteers, donors and voters, especially Green/NDP switchers. 

Using Instagram and Youtube platforms, we helped her campaign to reach younger and older voters, garnering strong organic reach.  Leading figures in the administration also engaged and shared her content.

MP Joyce Murray was re-elected in 2019 and given a new cabinet position as Minister of Digital Government.


Branding: Logos, Website and Design for 2 sites (pre-writ and writ); ensured all local marketing aligned with Liberal party brand
Narrative Development: Helped illustrate her passion for climate and human rights
Campaign Strategy Consulting: Worked with her team on campaign messaging and digital content
Content Creation: Canada’s Ban on Single Use Plastics; Climate Policy w/ Mark Jaccard; and Syrian refugee video; Election Day Video and more
Content Amplification: 20 Custom Digital Audiences; 933,622 Digital Impressions; and 23 Digital Products
Earned Media: The Straight “Most inspiring video” of 2019 election campaign
Award Finalist in two categories for US-based Campaigns & Elections, 2020 REED Awards (Atlanta, GA)
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