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Case Study


Geet Grewal “A Progressive Voice”


Geet Grewal is an ambitious, educated South Asian woman. The daughter of two Punjabi immigrants, she sought to win the nomination of the federal Liberal party. We worked together to provide communications assistance for her challenge of the incumbent Conservative MP.


We established a narrative based on the candidate’s strong commitment to deliver on affordable housing and fight climate change.

Burrard Strategy worked to illustrate her knowledge and commitment to improving the riding, highlighting her established roots and connection to businesses and community leaders.

Her campaign launch video showcased passion for her community. As a young professional woman of colour, she was invested in owning a home and starting a family in the riding. We made it a point to highlight her engagement at key Liberal functions and capture conversations and dialogue with indigenous leaders, businesses, and community advocates.

In a second video, we included conversations with residents affected by the wildfires in Lytton and the surrounding areas. Along with the issue of Reconciliation, we reminded voters that the Conservative incumbent had voted against critical bills.

The first was Bill C-12, an act respecting transparency and accountability in Canada’s efforts to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. The other was Bill C-15, an act respecting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In working with the campaign, we created content to highlight these critical no votes, reminding voters that there was an alternative choice for MP from a party that supports both climate and indigneous reconciliation.

We targeted communities of eligible voters throughout the Facebook and Instagram platform, leading up to election day on Sep 20, 2021.


Branding: Ensure all riding specific marketing aligned with Liberal party brand
Narrative Development: Introduce first-time candidate
Political Strategy: Win the nomination and regain previously held Liberal seat
Content Creation: Campaign Launch Video, Climate and Reconciliation Videos; 20 + Original Social Graphics
Content Amplification: 4 Digital Products, 3 Custom Digital Audiences; 226,895 Digital Impressions; 211,429 Video Plays
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