About Us - Burrard Strategy: A Public Affairs and Digital Advocacy Agency


Earning public trust is more important than ever before.

We all know that successful political leaders require public trust, but businesses, non-governmental organizations and the media need it too.

Everyone — voters, consumers, employees, investors or critics — can now shape public perception, creating and sharing stories with lightning speed and global reach.  This can hasten change for the better, but it can also devastate the unprepared.

In this age of relentless scrutiny, intensifying polarization and widespread disinformation, gaining trust requires you to shape the public conversation about you and your cause before someone else does.

This is where Burrard Strategy comes in. We help you to match perception to reality by taking charge of your story.

Our team of experts work with you to:

  • Earn the public support you need to allow decision-makers to feel confident about being in your corner,
  • Create and amplify compelling content designed for the right audiences and platforms, and
  • Protect your reputation at times of crisis.

Burrard Strategy has worked at the centre of national, provincial and municipal issues for over twenty years, and maintains strong relationships across the political spectrum.

Let us help you take charge of your story, and win.



We demonstrate how your cause is in the public interest, because decision-makers need to know what’s at stake.


We improve arguments with emotional connection, because facts and evidence need allies in the battle for truth.


We create campaigns that seek to include — not to polarize — because forging consensus secures durable change.

Public Affairs

Values Matter.

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Your Story Matters.

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Digital Advocacy

Content Matters.

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Political Strategy

Campaigns Matter.

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